Ara is a decentralized content delivery, payment, and NFT platform that gives artists and creators more control over the content they produce.

Ara’s open source software tools remodel the relationship between publishers, creators, and consumers across many verticals like games, movies, music, and photos. …

CrescoFin is a regulated Swiss banking alternative. They offer their customers an insured, interest-bearing product in fiat (with crypto to come) that has better rates than customers could find at traditional financial institutions.

$CRES — CrescoFin’s native token — is matched 1:1 with shares in their company, and these tokens…

There are so many ways to describe Ethereum. It’s a blockchain. It’s the ground zero for NFTs. It’s a globally distributed computational network and a smart contract platform. It’s the internet of value, an always-on financial system, a massive multiplayer online money game, and on and on.

No matter how…

CryptoPunk 2890

As the non-fungible token (NFT) universe grows — both on Ethereum and across different blockchains — I think CryptoPunks will capture more value than any other set of digital art or collectibles. Before I explore why I think this is the case let’s define some terms.

Non-fungible tokens are a…

Ben Roy

Operations @openlawofficial. Member @neon_dao. Advisor @gysr_io. Trying and failing to keep up with both DeFi and NFTs.

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